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About us

The institute is very keen to fulfill its vision, mission and objectives as far as possible. Curriculum for each subject is framed by Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. Thereby updating them looking to the basic need of community, industry and state resources.

Many of the faculty members are getting involved directly or indirectly in the revision of syllabi of different subjects. This institute is offering subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/ Biology along with compulsory English to F. Y. B. Sc. students. At S. Y. B. Sc. level we offer four subjects i.e. Chemistry, Physics, Botany and Zoology. Either of them could be a principal subject at graduate level according to the choice of students. Though at T. Y. B. Sc. level we do not have other option except Chemistry, at the same time we have facility for M. Sc. as well as Ph. D. courses in Chemistry which is very rare thing as far as rural colleges are concerned. We can also take pride for having Zoology subject at S. Y. B. Sc. level which is rarest of the rare in rural colleges. The institute has also obtained registration under CPCSEA, 1998 Gov. of India act. This year we have started three Career Oriented Programmes namely Biotechnology, Computer Science and Industrial Chemistry. We have also prepared syllabi for these subjects. Every year we start teaching right from the first week of new commencing academic year and always tries to complete the curriculum. We have substantial mechanism to obtain feedback on curriculum aspects.

The learning & teaching is a continuous process for the teachers & students. Any success is a comma, not a full stop. The management and the staff of the Institution express the deepest feelings of contentment for their efforts to educate thousands of students.

In our institution admission process is transparent to different categories of students. They are satisfied according to their requirements. Special care is to be taken for S.C. / S. T. students. We have developed certain evaluation techniques, for that continuous evaluation method is always being done. So we are on a way of better reformation.

We have adopted modern techniques for teaching method and it is certainly generating good amount of interest among students. Transparent assessment is done regarding students as well as teachers time by time. As far as teaching faculty members are concern most of them are highly qualified and they update their knowledge frequently.